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Without a doubt, South Africa is the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about going on a safari.

But the African continent is huge and has several countries with abundant wildlife. After all, mass tourism is not there yet and animals feel more comfortable.

The lodges in destinations such as TANZANIA, ZIMBAWE, NAMIBIA, BOTSWANA and KENYA are absurdly LUXURIOUS. Wonderful!

The best experiences you can have on a trip are in AFRICA.

We can't always explain the energy that comes from this continent, whether it's the sky that has a special orange tone or the local people who are extremely kind, the sounds of the jungle or the wildlife so close to us.

BOTSWANA is one of the most fabulous and best preserved destinations in the world. The Okavango Delta is one of the 7 natural wonders of Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the “River that never meets the sea” because all its water is evaporated in the sands of the Kalahari Desert. Moremi Game Reserve is the Delta's only wildlife reserve, with the most diverse animal population in the entire country.

It's wonderful to be able to travel to a destination like this, it allows us to get to know the animals and their purest instincts, far from mass tourism with dozens of hotels and cars full of tourists. Do you want an example?

Imagine an area with more than 270 thousand hectares (one of &Beyond's private designs), there is only one Lodge, the Xaranna with 9 rooms and they are not always occupied, there is too much land, too many animals and too few people! And in DELTA, as a whole, there are very few Lodges and they all have very few rooms. Yes, in Botswana we have this type of high income, low volume tourism, to protect and conserve wildlife, creating a low impact and sustainable business for everyone.


Tents with private pools, where elephants quench their thirst, one of the most surreal experiences you can have in these Lodges. Something they will hardly forget. A mix of fear and enchantment.

This lodge is not fenced, like most of them in Botswana, and this means that the animals get really close to us, especially in dry times and when water is scarce. We talk about elephants, buffaloes, zebras, wild boar antelopes…

The tents, made of wood and canvas, are very spacious. Instead of glass walls and windows, there are screens. This way you can hear and feel the sounds of the savanna up close. A king size bed strategically positioned for the sunrise, a deck with a private pool (or rather, ours and the elephants'), a soaking tub, indoor and outdoor shower, all the amenities a luxury hotel can offer. The tents also have a butler who can help with all requests.

We recommend that this safari be done in winter (from May to September) when the weather is dry, without rain, and temperatures are milder. In the early morning it can be very cold, but during the day it can reach 30ºC!

At this time there are fewer mosquitoes and, consequently, less risk of malaria. We also recommend a 3 to 4 day stay in the region, changing hotels.

Photos from: @andbeyondxaranna

Let's go to Botswana? We are sure that you will have some of the most memorable experiences in your life in this country.

Video from: @&Beyond


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