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Travel advisor


Our Travel Designers team created a method of travel planning that prioritizes the dreams and desires of customers.

How does Travel Planning work?

I GoTravel Travel Planning is a personalized travel service for each individual customer. Forget predefined travel packages! This service goes beyond the travel agency: it focuses on exclusivity. We have more than 10 years of experience in the Travel market, so we have the knowledge to provide all that your dream trip needs.

What to visit? Where to eat? Things to do? Where to go and how? Reliable information about the destination, all the necessary documents, transport, the best flight connections... These are questions we will answer you properly.

If you are interested in this service, fill in this form to let us know what you want and suit your preferences.

After we've collected this information, we invite you to a Zoom meeting so we can know each other and check all the details.

How will I receive my travel plan?

At the end of the planning process, you will receive your customized plan through a link on the Trello platform. There you will find all the information about the proposed travel experience and you’ll have access to:

• Day-by-day of your trip, with all the experiences selected to optimize your day.

• Exclusive tips for your traveler profile, such as shops, markets, cafes, restaurants, activities, tours, etc...

• Travel checklist: the travel essentials to pack in your bags and travel advice.

• Photographers, if you want to remember the destination through professional and special photos.



The cost of the Travel Advisor service is €150, which will be discounted if you book the trip with I GoTravel.

Do you have any question? Send us an email to or contact us: 218936232/925 963 286

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